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Margaret's Young Adult Historical Romance

In 2002, HarperCollins launched a new series of historical romances aimed at a younger audience. Set in a variety of time periods, the hero and heroine are teens and the stories are "sweet" (there are kisses, but not much more in terms of sexuality.)

Margaret's contribution to this new line was GWYNETH AND THE THIEF

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With her hand in marriage and the security of her beloved Haverleigh at stake, Lady Gwyneth is desperate. So when she comes upon a young man who might be the solution ot her predicament, she does not hesitate to act, though it means entering into a dangerous deceit and inviting a thief into her castle.

All Gavin has known is a life of lawless poverty. Left for dead and taken in by a very young, very determined lady, he has little choice but to entertain her request. Posing as a squire, he begins to train the farmers and craftsmen of Haverleigh in the art of combat. In doing so, Gavin begins to know a far different life -- and to crave all it has to offer.

As Haverleigh is secured through their labor and collusion, sparks fly between Gwyneth and her thief. In a moment of rash indiscretion, a kiss nearly undoes them both. Love between a lady and a thief is unthinkable...unless the truth can remain hidden.

ISBN 0-06-447337-6

On a personal note: I'd like to thank all the kids who responded so positively to this book. Hearing that teens and pre-teens liked GWYNETH made the story all the more special for me.

-- Margaret


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