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She Was His Enemy

Wielding a sword with the courage of a Valkyrie, Meradyce had defended the children of another and for that valorous act Einar had let the goddesslike Saxon live. Now he was bound to protect her from both traitorous intrigue and the burning demands of his own very heart...!

Einar Svendson was surely demon enough to rival any being spawned in hell. The Viking had plundered her homeland, torching her village and kidnapping Meradyce at swordpoint. But the worst was yet to come, for the fair-haired giant had managed to steal her heart, as well.

ISBN 0-373-28800-X

"THE VIKING is a superb love story that captures the essence of a Viking-Saxon romance.... Added to the pleasure is that Margaret Moore's lead protagonists are both enchanting; readers, especially, will drool over Einar."
-- Affaire de Coeur

At this time THE VIKING is out of print and not available in digital editions.
However, the sequel to THE VIKING, THE SAXON, is available in digital editions.
As with all Margaret's books, THE SAXON was written to stand alone, so you shouldn't feel you're missing anything if you haven't read THE VIKING first.


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