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Endredi haunted his every waking thought...a sun-burnished Valkyrie with a beauty as wild as the open sea. But Adelar's deepest passion was also his darkest secret. For the woman who held his heart belonged to his lord....


Always would Endredi remember the boy who had awakened her to love. Yet she cursed the fates who brought her face-to-face with Adelar the man, for she was now nothing more than a bartered bride in a Saxon stronghold rife with danger and deceit.

ISBN 0-373-28868-9

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THE VIKING is a prequel to THE SAXON. However, Margaret always writes her books to "stand alone," so if you haven't read THE VIKING, you shouldn't feel lost reading THE SAXON.
"Superbly crafted... THE SAXON is pure ambrosia."
-- Rendezvous


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