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Romantic Times K*I*S*S* Hero!

A Most Unsuitable Guest!

Grace Barton had always done the proper thing -- until now. Suddenly she was dragging a handsome stranger home through the mud and wondering what he looked like with his shirt off. What on earth had happened to her sensible, responsible self?

The notorious Lord Elliot Fizwalter knew that no decent woman would have him. Yet the sterling virtue of the innocent Grace Barton held the promise of an unobtainable heaven, one that would have the devil himself longing for redemption.

ISBN 0-373-28976-6

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This is the third book in Margaret's "Most Unsuitable Men" series. The others are THE WASTREL and THE DARK DUKE.
However, Margaret always writes each book to "stand alone" so if you haven't read any of the previous books in the series, you shouldn't feel lost.


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