Do's, Don'ts and Never Minds:
Writing a Snazzy Synopsis

Presented by
Margaret Moore

Writing a synopsis need not be a torment. Let USA Today best-selling author Margaret Moore take the worry away by illustrating what's necessary, what's not, what to do and what to avoid when it comes to writing a synopsis. If time permits and taking suggestions from the floor, Margaret will also demonstrate how she constructs a synopsis. This craft workshop is aimed at novice to mid-level romance writers, or anyone who's intimidated by the prospect of writing a synopsis.

Workshop attendees should come away with:

an understanding of what a synopsis should do, and what it won't

an appreciation for what is necessary in a synopsis, and what's not

some mistakes to avoid

some tips to make writing a synopsis easier

as well as

less intimidated by the task.

Equipment requirements: For a longer session, a white board and markers, or chalk board and chalk, would be helpful.


Do's, Don'ts and Never Minds: Writing a Snazzy Synopsis
(abridged version - complete version is available upon request)

Evolution of a Synopsis

First Draft of a Selling Synopsis

Final Draft of a Selling Synopsis

For more information, please contact Margaret.

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