Tell Me A Love Story:
Plotting A Romance Novel

Presented by
Margaret Moore

There are several books that can tell a writer about plotting and the various elements that make up "what happens" in a novel. With a combination of lecture and exercises, USA Today best-selling author of over forty historical romance novels and novellas Margaret Moore will conduct a craft workshop on plotting a novel more specifically geared to novice to mid-level romance writers.

Attendees should come away with an understanding of:

the basic elements of any fiction plot

the more specific requirements of a romance plot

the different requirements of the beginning, middle and end of a story

how characters and conflict combine to create the plot.


Tell Me A Love Story: Plotting A Romance Novel
(abridged version - complete handout available upon request)

Character/Internal Conflict Worksheet

Character/External Conflict Worksheet

Priming the Pump Worksheet

Sample Story

For more information, please contact Margaret.

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