People, Places, Plots:
An Introduction to The Big Three of Novel Writing

Presented by
Margaret Moore

Aimed at the novice to mid-level romance writer, this craft workshop by USA Today best-selling author Margaret Moore is designed to provide an overview of the three major components of a novel: characters, setting and plot.

Attendees should come away from the workshop with a better understanding of:

what it takes to create interesting, complex characters, including secondary characters

how to use description to create vivid settings

how to write an effective beginning, brisk middle and satisfying ending

This workshop could also be adapted for fiction writers in general and requires at least two hours.


More Than Just A Pretty Face: Creating Unique and Interesting Characters
(abridged version - complete version available upon request)

A Picture In A Thousand Words: Setting and Description
(abridged version - complete version available upon request)

Tell Me A Love Story: Plotting A Romance Novel
(abridged version - complete version available upon request)

Character/Internal Conflict Worksheet

Character/External Conflict Worksheet

Priming The Pump Exercise

Sample Story

For more information, please contact Margaret.

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