Goose Your Muse:
Inspiration, Motivation and Imagination

Presented by
Margaret Moore

Has this happened to you? You sit down in your chair, ready to write and...nothing happens. Or you can get started, but it seems as if every word has to be dragged kicking and screaming from its hiding place.

Let Margaret Moore, USA Today best-selling author of over forty books and novellas, help you goose your reluctant muse, jumpstart stalled creativity or keep the engine running. Margaret will share her personal experiences and coping mechanisms, as well as provide some fun, inspiring, creative exercises.

After attending this workshop, participants will have:

an understanding that even long-time, successful writers have their dog days. If they're having trouble, they aren't alone.

learned some of the root causes of the AWOL muse

done some fun, entertaining writing exercises to get/keep their creative juices flowing


be liberated from fear and guilt if they're having trouble getting words on the page.

This workshop is designed for half a day, and is not specifically aimed at romance writers.


Goose Your Muse: Inspiration, Motivation and Imagination
(abridged version - complete version available upon request)

Priorities: Finding Yours

Priming the Pump

Why Bother? Why Me?

Seven Reasons to Love Writing

Books to Inspire

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