Tell Me A Love Story:
Plotting A Romance

Presented by
Margaret Moore

Abridged Handout

the primary plot of every romance novel, of any type

every event must serve this plot

What comes first, the characters or the plot?

The Beginning:

engage the reader

introduce the hero and heroine

set the stage

introduce important secondary characters

introduce the conflicts (internal and external)

The Middle:

the relationship developes and intensifies.

the characters learn more about each other

more of the conflicts are revealed and become more complicated

the relationship becomes more physically intimate (often, but not always)

the stakes are raised

To keep the action moving:

use dialogue

action, not just reaction

reveal motivation and backstory gradually

use flashbacks sparingly

add complications

be careful about The Big Misunderstanding

The Ending:

the crisis

the black moment

the climax

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