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'Twas Murder Most Foul...Or Was It?

Lord Kirkheathe's first wife was dead, and though his liege lord deemed him guiltless, rumor yet tarred his reputation. Now Elizabeth Perronet found herself his newly wedded bride with a question of her own: If Raymon D'Estienne were truly no savage, how had he unleashed in her things so...untamed and wild?

Treachery, Thy Name Is Woman!

Or so believed Raymond D'Estienne, courtesy of his late wife. What, then, was he to make of the remarkable Elizabeth Perronet, fresh from the convent and determined to change his life -- in ways he'd never dreamed!

ISBN 0-373-29159-0

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This book is part of Margaret's Warrior Series. As with all Margaret's books, however, this one is written with the understanding that not everyone will have read the previous books in the series, so a new reader shouldn't feel lost.

"Laced with intrigue and passion, THE OVERLORD'S BRIDE is a fast read you will not want to put down.... Ms. Moore is a master of the medieval time period."
-- Romantic Times


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