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Iron-Willed Groom...

Sir Roger de Montmorency demanded obedience. And the last person he expected to defy him was his very own wife! But the rebellious Mina challenged his authority as surely and swiftly as she fired his Norman blood.

Headstrong Bride...

Lady Mina Chilcott knew she wasn't the most beautiful of women, but she demanded respect...especially from her husband. And she would have it before he claimed his husbandly rights. Though her vow soon seemed impossible to keep, as the handsome Roger had laid siege to her maidenly heart.

ISBN 0-373-28911-1

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This is the fifth book in Margaret's Warrior Series.
However, Margaret always writes each book to "stand alone" so if you haven't read any of the previous books in the series, you shouldn't feel lost.


Books Excerpts Bio

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