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Breaking The Law!

No sooner does wealthy heiress Lady Moira MacMurdaugh breathe a sigh of relief for avoiding a disastrous marriage to a gambling womanizer than she is served with a lawsuit!

Torn between duty and this impulsive beauty who stirs him to distraction, solicitor Gordon McHeath has no choice but to go up against the woman whose kiss he's never forgotten. Until sinister forces threaten to upend Lady Moira's world and Gordon must cast the law book aside!

ISBN 978-0-373-29638-5

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This story is a sequel to HIGHLAND ROGUE, LONDON MISS, but as with all of Margaret's books, it's written to "stand alone".
In other words, you won't feel lost if you haven't read HIGHLAND ROGUE, LONDON MISS first.

"Moore taps into the culture and mores of Scotland to create a colorful Highland love story... (with) a cast of charming characters, Moore delights her fans."

-- Romantic Times:


Books Excerpts Bio

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