Do, Don'ts and Never Minds:
Writing a Snazzy Synopsis

Presented by
Margaret Moore

Abridged Handout

What is a synopsis?

What is the purpose of a synopsis?

What Should A Synopsis Include?

main characters


main events

development of the romance

conflict, internal and external



Other Important Things A Synopsis Should Do:

Prove you can tell a story coherently.

Prove you have a grasp of dramatic structure (beginning, middle and end).

Show that your characters are interesting and have believable motivation.

Demonstrate that there's enough material for a full-length book.

Indicate the tone of the book.

Reveal your voice.

Tips For Writing A Snazzy Synopsis

Write the first draft for yourself alone.

Edit for length but don't edit out your voice.

Be very clear about how the relationship changes and develops.

Have fun and think of it as just telling a story.

Practice Makes Perfect

Write a synopsis for the last book you read.

Write synopses for your favorite movies.

Read reviews.

Start a journal or diary.

Write short character sketches of your friends.

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